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Matsumoto: Home to the world’s largest Ukiyo-e Collection

One of the hidden treasures of Matsumoto is the wonderful collection of traditional Japanese art to be found at the Matsumoto Ukiyo-e Museum.  Ukiyo-e, which literally translates as “pictures of the floating world”, is a type of woodblock printing in a style that has become synonymous  with Japanese culture and one which dates back to …

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Matsumoto Castle: Japanese National Treasure

Arguably the most popular reason for visiting Matsumoto (but far from the only reason you should) is the famous Castle that lies at the center of the town. No doubt, for most visitors to Matsumoto, climbing to the top of “Crow Castle” – so called because of it’s crow coloured exterior and wing-like roof,  is …

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Cherry Blossom season in Matsumoto

14th to the 22nd of April.. Dates to put in your diary..   Cherry blossom season is predicted to arrive in Matsumoto. While the national forecast says best viewing time will be from the 16th the season is predicted to start on the 11th. With a traditional Tea Ceremony at Matsumoto Castle on the 15th and …

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101 reasons why you should visit Kamikochi..

  Actually you only need one…                                                               and until you have walked along the Azusa river, surrounded by the glorious peaks of the Hida Mountains …

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